Trying to open Outlook but nothing happens


I try to open my Outlook 2007 but nothing happens. I double click on the icon on the desktop and also tryied on Start- programs = Microsoft Office + Outlook 2007 and it doesn't open. Mind you it only works if I restart the machine.

I don't know what is causing that! Can you help?

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try running this from the run box: outlook.exe /safe

If it works then you need to disable your add-ons and re-enable them 1 by 1 until you find the one that is causing the problem.
PS... you can also try: outlook.exe /resetnavpane
emilhomemAuthor Commented:
i forgot to mention. This computer is added to our domain and we are using Exchange 2010. Would this make any difference on your advice?
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Nope, try what I said second, then what I said first... then let me know what happens.
You could look at your you task manager under process.. When exiting Outlook it is not killing the process.. if you end the process and run outlook again it will open
Sorry should make mention this happens to me alot if I use the x to close the program.. best like always is file and exit to make sure the process is killed..
OCuld be PST or OSt is not closing properly & hanged in process
Yes so if you are using an ost as a data file - delete the ost.

If you are using a pst as a data file you need to run the repairpst tool which is located:
1.On the Start menu, click Run.
2.In the Open box, type
drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\LocaleID\scanpst.exe

where LocaleID is the locale identifier (LCID) for your installation of Microsoft Office. For example, the LCID for English (United States) is 1033. For a list of LCIDs, see Microsoft Office Help.

3.Click OK.
4.In the Enter the name of the file you want to scan box, type the path and file name given in the error message above.
 Note   You may not be able to use the Browse button to locate this file because it is located in a hidden folder.

5.To change the options for logging errors during the scan, click Options. If you choose Replace log or Append to log, the log file is saved to the same directory as the .pst file.
6.Click Start.
7.When the file scan is completed, select the Make a backup of scanned file before repairing check box.
8.Click Repair.
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