scan to external email from Toshiba (Imagistics) cm4530

Hello Gurus,

We have a Toshiba (Imagistics) cm4520 that we can scan to email internally. We used to be able to scan to email externally until we replaced our new exchange server. I'm not sure we have to make any entries on the exchange server to relay mail.  I checked our firewall and the smtp settings are fine. We can email anywhere and receive email from our outlook clients. There is no authentication needed to email either. Any suggestions?
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Rick FeeConnect With a Mentor Messaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
What version is your Exchange box...Sounds like the new relay is not setup properly.
For Exchange 2007/2010:
Rick FeeMessaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
A888Author Commented:
Its Exchange 2007.
A888Author Commented:
It works with option 1,
Thank you

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