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executing macros in view mode (powerpoint 2003)

PowerPoint 2003 gives the opportunity of executing VBA macros when in View mode; macros can be associated to "mouseclick" or  "mouseover" events, but things don't go as they should, IMHO!
The enclosed file contains 6 macros (Macro1 to Macro6). All of them do what they are supposed to do, if executed from the immediate window of VBA (including the run-time error message issued by Macro5).
If you go into vVew mode, then only clicking on rectangle #1 you obtain a right behaviour (msgbox) while:
Clicking on rectangle 2, no messagebox is displayed
Clicking on rectangle 3, nothing is printed to the immediate window
Clicking on rectangle 3, macro execution desn't stop
Clicking on rectangle 5, no runtime error is displayed
Clicking on rectangle 6, no change in Forecolor happens
All of these behaviours mean that:
1) debugging macros in View mode is almost impossible: no STOP, no DEBUG.PRINT, no error message
2) some commands don't work at all in view mode: by ex., selecting a shape and changing one of its properties doesn't work.
DO you have any suggestion? Where to find info about what can and what cannot be done in macros executed while in View mode?
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David Lee
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Hi, blos.

What do you mean by "view mode"?  Are you referring to when the presentation is running?
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I can't make any of them work by clicking on any of the text boxes. There doesn't seem to be any link between the click event and the macro.
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When you open the .ppt file you need to accept macros; then pressing F5 things go as I said (with Powerpoint 2003). I verified again the exposed behaviour.
You have written code which cannot work in show mode but only in edit mode. Anything which relies on selection will ONLY work in edit mode. If you explain what you want to happen I will supply working code.
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I need to change some of the visual properties of a given shape (Forecolor, Backcolor, etc) inside a given slide of a presentation.

I would also like to be able do easily debug a macro wihich executes in show mode, and to know if an error (and which) occurs when a macro runs.
To change the fill of a clicked shape try

Sub changeme(oshp as shape)
End Sub

Do you know what backcolor does, it rarely need changing unless you have a two color gradient or pattern. You could use a similar method though. If you have 2007 there's a bug in a recent update that may stop the color chamnge until you quit the show.
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To say it all, what I need is :
When (in show mode) I click a given shape, a specified slide has to be shown, and a specified shape has to be highlighted; so I click on a shape (and also a slide) different from the one I want to be highlighted.
I know how to jump to a the specified slide, and also 've just found a way to change the color of the specified shape [ActivePresentation.Slides(sldID).Shapes(shpName).Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(0, 0, 0)], but this isn't enough, because I would like to go back to the previous Forecolor, after having temporarily changed it in order to highlight the right shape.
Eventually I would like to change colors forth and back a few times (simulating blinking) to catch attention more effectively, or I would like to slowly rotate (360°) the right shape to attract attention...
I tried changing color forth and back inside a loop, but nothing really changes in the shape, until the loop finishes: After the loop ends, only the last color is displayed.

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I found a solution (inserting a DoEvents command); see the enclosed file, where clicking on box 7 (in show mode) Forecolor changes to black, and clicking on box 8 starts a 360° rotation of box 8. The solution is dirty, because rotation speed cannot be controlled, and will be different from PC to PC.

However, I still don't know where to read something about:
1) what can or cannot be done when writing macros that have to run in show mode
2) how to debug those macros, given the situation that many debugging tools (breakpoints, STOP command, DEBUG.PRINT, etc.) don't work

Any help?
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No more hints?
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John Wilson
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I want to cancel this request, because last post of JSRWilson solves the problem, and I want to assign him his 250 points.
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Now everything is clear! if the code contains a SELECTION, the debugging tools don't work, and no error is issued; if, instead, the code doesn't contain any SELECTION, everything works the right way, including the debugging tool. The changes I made to my code prove it.
Thanks JSRWilson!
Just  to be clear the debug tools work in edit mode with selection NO CODE works containing selection in show mode because it's impossible to select a shape in this mode