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Synchronization problem Bold 9700 and BESX 5.0.2

Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with my BESX and the activation of a device.


I install the BESX recently, and take care to complete all the steps including check of services etc.

I activate a Bold 9700 through BAS and assign it successfully to a user (I use Exchange 2K3 Std with AD).


The device synchronize the desktop services successfully (address book etc) and has a correct provisioning plan (Orange BIS plan), I check it on the BB support page of my subscription. All looks well, mails arrived in the box, contacts and calendar seems to be ok BUT when I disconnect, after the activation, it is impossible to send or receive mails over the air, when trying to send an email I get a red cross with the status "service blocked".


Also when I try o navigate with the browser I get an error with MDS (mobile data service) : communication failure. No access to internet for applications.

The communication test with RIM servers on the BESX is ok, and the SQL access also. I check with the service provider to see if the BIS plan is ok, they say it is good. I don't know if the problem is with the BIS, the BESX or anything else.


Can someone help me ? (sorry for my bad english)
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Tables and click and choose “Register

could you try the above. If it still does not work, may be you should look at wiping the device out completely and trying to reactivate it again.

gud luck.

also could you verify that the bes MDS service is started. If not do that, press refresh to ensure that the service stays as started. to ensure if the bis plan is working properly or not, could you go into browser, advanced options and change the browser to internet browser instead of blackberry browser and see if internet is working or not. If it works on internet browser and on blackberry browser it does not, you may want to check the following given below.

To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:

On the computer with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software installed, click Start > Run.
Type regedit and click OK. The Registry Editor opens.
Navigate to the following registry entry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BlackBerry Mobile Data Service\ImagePath
Change the value of the rbes field to contain the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server as shown in BlackBerry Manager.

note :  this is true for bes 4.1 which i have . not sure if it would be there in bes express.

keep posting

Hi junaidIT,
thank uou
This is something I've already did.
I wipe out the device almost ten times.
I've already wait couples of hours to see if the activation takes effects.

The weird thing is that I've got a Torch 9800, the first time I activate it via desktop manager, it has been working perfectly but one day I use to have a great idea : take my working sim card and plug it into the bold to see if it was a carrier issue => doesn't work and after I plug the sim into my torch again, impossible to synchronize again, same problem than the bold ...
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Ok thank you, I will try this out.

The MDS service is up. I try to put it down to see if the error I get when browsing still appears => another error appears about mds not the same as communication failure, so I reactivate MDS service and retry, the original error appears again.


can you post the entries from the MDAT and MAGT logs for the instance you trying to send an email and also when you are trying to browse. go through those to see if it gives a hint on what is happening.

the logs by default are located under C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs


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here is the MDAT log when sending a message :
<2010-11-17 16:14:01.775 CET>:[554]:<MDS-CS_BESX01_MDS-CS_1>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = SRP, SRPID = S84773857[BESX01:3200], EVENT = Sending, VERSION = 1, COMMAND = INFO, SIZE = 46>

<2010-11-17 16:14:01.775 CET>:[555]:<MDS-CS_BESX01_MDS-CS_1>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = SCM, Sent health to S84773857[BESX01:3200] Health=[0x 0000 0007 0000 0000],Mask=[0x 0000 0007 0000 0000],Load=[59]>

for the MAGT  :

[40423] (11/17 16:19:57.481):{0x1610} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=14928
[40724] (11/17 16:19:57.481):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Get record key for this MAPI object, EntryId=14928
[40435] (11/17 16:19:57.481):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=14928. Msgs Pending 0
[40423] (11/17 16:19:57.481):{0x1610} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=14929
[30085] (11/17 16:19:57.481):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} New mail has arrived, EntryId=14928
[40974] (11/17 16:19:57.496):{0x1610} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing notification of modified mail
[40287] (11/17 16:19:57.496):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing message, RefId=-1817225472, EntryId=14928, Posted=17/11/2010 16:19:57, Delivered=17/11/2010 16:19:57
[30066] (11/17 16:19:57.496):{0x1D90} Total Msgs Pending 1
[40435] (11/17 16:19:57.496):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=14929. Msgs Pending 1
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1698} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=107671312, MH=99718032]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1698} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=107671312, MH=99718032]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1698} RpcGetAttachmentInfoW is called. [CH=107671312, MH=99718032, AH=18376176]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1698} RpcAddAttachmentAvailableConversion is called. [CH=107671312, MH=99718032, AH=18376176]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1698} RpcGetNextAttachment is called. [CH=107671312, MH=99718032]
[45187] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1AF4} HTML email requires 5323 bytes for 1568 bytes of plain text
[40669] (11/17 16:19:57.528):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Sending 5323 bytes of message body 5733 bytes, RefId=-1817225472, EntryId=14928
[40391] (11/17 16:19:57.543):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} RefId=-1817225472 references 1 image(s) (in 5323 bytes of body) 1 from MB, 0 from cache, 0 failed. 1 images (421 bytes) pushed, 1 images (421 bytes) cached
[30081] (11/17 16:19:57.543):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Sending message to device, size=2383, EntryId=14928, RefId=-1817225472, TransactionId=-857479310, Tag=2874
[40279] (11/17 16:19:57.543):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=2874
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.543):{0x16CC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=2874
[30233] (11/17 16:19:57.559):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} New message was found in SentItems, EntryId=14929
[40287] (11/17 16:19:57.559):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Queuing message, RefId=-687388972, EntryId=14929, Posted=17/11/2010 16:19:57, Delivered=17/11/2010 16:19:57
[30066] (11/17 16:19:57.559):{0x1D90} Total Msgs Pending 2
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1698} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=107671312, MH=18262592]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1698} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=107671312, MH=18262592]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1698} RpcGetAttachmentInfoW is called. [CH=107671312, MH=18262592, AH=17975304]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1698} RpcAddAttachmentAvailableConversion is called. [CH=107671312, MH=18262592, AH=17975304]
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1698} RpcGetNextAttachment is called. [CH=107671312, MH=18262592]
[45187] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1AF4} HTML email requires 5323 bytes for 1568 bytes of plain text
[40669] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Sending 5323 bytes of message body 5733 bytes, RefId=-687388972, EntryId=14929
[40395] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} RefId=-687388972 Requested attachment found in cache on INITIAL PACKET part id=0 size 421
[40391] (11/17 16:19:57.590):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} RefId=-687388972 references 1 image(s) (in 5323 bytes of body) 0 from MB, 1 from cache, 0 failed. 1 images (421 bytes) pushed, 1 images (421 bytes) cached
[30081] (11/17 16:19:57.606):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Sending message to device, size=2389, EntryId=14929, RefId=-687388972, TransactionId=-857479309, Tag=2875
[40279] (11/17 16:19:57.606):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=2875
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.606):{0x16CC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=2875
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.715):{0x16C8} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=2874
[30105] (11/17 16:19:57.715):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Message returned as FAILED - could not be delivered to device, Tag=2874, EntryId=14928
[30066] (11/17 16:19:57.715):{0x1D90} Total Msgs Pending 1
[40000] (11/17 16:19:57.871):{0x16C8} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=2875
[30105] (11/17 16:19:57.871):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Message returned as FAILED - could not be delivered to device, Tag=2875, EntryId=14929
[30066] (11/17 16:19:57.887):{0x1AF4} Total Msgs Pending 0
[30262] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Preparing OTAFM Batch
[40559] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} Batching OTAFM DELETE_MESSAGE command for RefId=-1929414825, status=0, TransactionID=-857479308
[30289] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} 1 OTAFM commands sent in batch for TransactionId=-857479308, Tag=2878, size=44
[40279] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x1AF4} {user@mydomain.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=2878
[30066] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x1AF4} Total Msgs Pending 1
[40000] (11/17 16:22:54.486):{0x16CC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=2878
[40000] (11/17 16:22:54.611):{0x16C8} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=2878
[30208] (11/17 16:22:54.611):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} OTAFM batch returned as FAILED - could not be delivered to device, Tag=2878
[40536] (11/17 16:22:54.611):{0x1D90} {user@mydomain.com} Updating messages in OTAFM batch, TransactionID=-857479308
[30066] (11/17 16:22:54.611):{0x1D90} Total Msgs Pending 0

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