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Synchronization problem Bold 9700 and BESX 5.0.2

Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with my BESX and the activation of a device.


I install the BESX recently, and take care to complete all the steps including check of services etc.

I activate a Bold 9700 through BAS and assign it successfully to a user (I use Exchange 2K3 Std with AD).


The device synchronize the desktop services successfully (address book etc) and has a correct provisioning plan (Orange BIS plan), I check it on the BB support page of my subscription. All looks well, mails arrived in the box, contacts and calendar seems to be ok BUT when I disconnect, after the activation, it is impossible to send or receive mails over the air, when trying to send an email I get a red cross with the status "service blocked".


Also when I try o navigate with the browser I get an error with MDS (mobile data service) : communication failure. No access to internet for applications.

The communication test with RIM servers on the BESX is ok, and the SQL access also. I check with the service provider to see if the BIS plan is ok, they say it is good. I don't know if the problem is with the BIS, the BESX or anything else.


Can someone help me ? (sorry for my bad english)
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