Outlook 2010 Contact issue

After losing the user profile and going back to a restore point. Got most things back.
When checking Outlook 2010, noticed that when I type an email address in the TO space, it does not auto complete. Ok no biggie as it was probably ini CACHE.  But when  I click on TO and then enter the name into SEARCH, it does not find my contact.  When I click on the various contact list, like suggested contacts etc... no luck.   YES I made sure that I clicked on the CONTACT - user email account.
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Jamie GillespieConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
This should help sort the issue out, I think it would be the easiest option;

Jamie GillespieSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Do you have a backup of an old NK2 file that you may have used in previous versions of Outlook?
kman48185Author Commented:
This was working for the last week.  Its' not so much the NK2 file thing, but why did it stop AND more importantly when I click on the TO: and then search why does it not find a contact that IS in fact in the contacts.?  I could go get the NK2 off the old machine if it really will solve both problems.

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jamie_gillespie is wrong
kman48185Author Commented:
I guess I left out one important detail.  The old system was Outlook Express.  I have since done a search of that system and not found any nk2 files.

Any other ideas?
kman48185Author Commented:
Sorry it took so long to respond and award points.
At first the article was not working, or rather I was not paying attention.   I was in the wrong path.  I used  \local   not \MS APPLICATION  lol
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