number of network connections xp home edition

A friend of mine configured a network sharing in windows xp home edition machine. on a windows xp env, using a hub.

While all four machine connect perfectly, when trying to connect the fifth machine and connect to the shared folders in it, it halts and say it can not preform the task.

Is there a limit for the machine connections under windows xp home edition machine?
If there is, how do I solve the problem?
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ConanUKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The limit for XP home is 5 connections at once, XP Pro is 10. This is by design, I'm unaware of any way around this.

It would suggest that it's time to upgrade your IT! Maybe with a server or just a NAS box!

Hope this helps :)
See this article for the max number of connections using windows xp home:

You could really do with using windows xp pro at least in a networked environment
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