Find bottleneck on network - Very slow Remote Desktop Connections

Hi Experts,

Does anyone know of some good  open source software to monitor network bandwidth? I have a SBS 2008 server and all windows 7 clients. When using Remote Desktop to connect to a client workstation, the connection is painfully slow and pretty much unusable.

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RLComputingAuthor Commented:
Found the actual issue to be ESXi 4.1 and SBS2008. Here is the KB article that did the trick for me:
What kind of Switch do you have connecting your clients to your server?  Is it managed and oes it have a web interface?

This would be the first place i would check,  i know the Cisco/Linksys business class has a port monitoring tool.  I found it very useful in finding bad wiring, nics maybe the switch needs replacement.
If everything else to the server is fast then I'd check your autotuning setup....
RLComputingAuthor Commented:
I setup the sbs2008 vpn and then helped greatly. I could first connect to vpn and then to workstation. Not sure why but made a huge difference.
RLComputingAuthor Commented:
Following the link  to the VMWare KB worked.
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