Email not delivered via POP3 connector

Hi -

I am having a issue with mail not being delivered to me.  I am using the POP3 connector in SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) to connect to my local ISP and download the mail.

I have checked the firewall log with the ISP and I can see that the mail came through and has been marked as 'Delivered' on their side, so they say it is not an issue with them.

So, if it has been delievered to my Exchange server, but has not come into my Inbox, then where has it gone?

Most mail comes through fine, so its difficult to try and trace the issue.

Many thanks.

Best regards


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ipaxxConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi - thanks for the replies, but I have found the problem.  There was a large (15Mb) email that was blocking Exchange form downloading the mail from the ISP.  There was information in the Event Logs, shoul have checked there first!

I deleted the email via the ISP's webmail and had to restart the POP3 service and Retrieve Now a couple of times, but all ended up working.
Use message traking, search form the email you send. Whats did you found?
The best way of testing this is to telnet on port 110 eg:

Telnet 110
user joebloggs
pass *******

Presss enter after each line. When you press enter after list this should show all the in a particular mailbox that is be hosted by your ISP.
ipaxxAuthor Commented:
School boy error, have had it before, should have checked logs
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