Small transparent rectangular box in workstation

There's s small transparent rectangular box on my workstation
and stays there thruout all the windows
You can see the outline
I'm using windows xp

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Muhammad Ahmad ImranConnect With a Mentor Database DeveloperCommented:
then i would say there must be a virus or something like that

download process explorer and find out what exactly running on your system (better than simple task manager)
Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperCommented:
is it part of any software
hi Iancerxe

have a look at processes in task manager and see what programs are running, even CPU usage might give a hint.

Anything recent installed?
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lancerxeAuthor Commented:
nothing has been installed recently
Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase DeveloperCommented:
when it comes after windows startup or while start up in progress
lancerxeAuthor Commented:
It appears randomly and will stay up till I reboot

I've tried ending a few processes from task manager

that look suspicious but the box stays there.


Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
Run System File Checker.

SFC is an invaluable tool in Windows and often fixes weird problems. It checks that all Windows system files are where they should be and that they’re uncorrupted, it then puts things right. If you’ve done all your virus checking, error checking and defragging, but Windows is still doing strange things, then SFC often can be your saviour.

1. click Start,
2. click Run,
3. type: sfc /scannow,
4. then click OK and follow the instructions.
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