Can't run 'show run' command on Cisco 1750 Router

I have a Cisco 1750 router that is constantly losing it's ability to route traffic. I can ping it and telnet to it, but at least once a day it stops routing. I logged into it and ran a 'sh ver' and that worked, but when I do a 'sh run' it gives me the message:

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

The ^ symbol is pointing to the 'u' in run. If I type in sh ? I don't see run as an option. Is there some other option I need to enter to see my configuration?
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you have to login with enable account

try to run


at the prompt, the prompt should change to #
it probably will ask for a password too
Greg27Author Commented:
Here is the sh ver results:

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
IOS (tm) C1700 Software (C1700-Y-M), Version 12.1(6), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Copyright (c) 1986-2000 by cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 27-Dec-00 21:18 by kellythw
Image text-base: 0x80008088, data-base: 0x805E5778

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.0(3)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Router uptime is 2 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System image file is "flash:c1700-y-mz.121-6"

cisco 1750 (MPC860) processor (revision 0x601) with 12288K/4096K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID JAD050420ZP (4096001795), with hardware revision 3097
M860 processor: part number 0, mask 32
Bridging software.
X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.
1 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)
1 Serial(sync/async) network interface(s)
32K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.
4096K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)
Greg27Author Commented:
I thought when you connected via serial cable the password you were entering was the enable password. Is there a way to reset the enable password if you can't remember it?
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1. it depends on your config

2. yes you can reset the password. but you need to reboot your router for that
Greg27Author Commented:
Ok, looks like I found the password via a backup of the config. Can I ask one last question? I am trying to change the enable password. My config shows the following:

enable secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
enable password xxxxxxxxx

If I enter 'enable password xxxxxxx' where xxxxxxxxx is the new password, it doesn't work. Can I take that line out of my config? What do I change about the secret?

enable password uses very weak type-7 encryption that was broken many-many years ago. you should avoid it.

use enable secret, it has much better encryption
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
plese try 'write terminal' it is same command....
Greg27Author Commented:
So, do I need to do the following:

no enable password xxxxxxxxxxx

and then:

enable secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

enable secret xxxxx
no enable password
Greg27Author Commented:
When I do the enable secret xxxxx it is telling me:

The enable secret you have chosen is the same as your enable password.
That is not recommended. Re-enter the enable secret.

Now, this is not the same password I am using for my enable password, so not sure why I am seeing this.
just change the secret, delete enable and _before_ saving to startup config, telnet (keeping serial connection open) and verify that password works

if everything looks good save the config
Greg27Author Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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