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Redirecting stdout from one Bash script to another


I am wanting to know how it would be possible to write a bash shell script that would pass a set of arguments to a child bash script yet still return the stdout from the child script to the main terminal.

For example, I want to write a bash script which will will auto-populate the arguments (specifically the date argument) of the child script - report_runner.sh, yet still return the run status text that report_runner.sh generates in the terminal:

/../../../current/bin/report/report_runner.sh -e prod-like -r reviewCount 20101011

I want the terminal output from report_runner.sh to be returned to the screen of the parent script calling it. The reason why I can't modify report_runner.sh to populate the date automatically itself is that it is controlled code and I do not want to update this script if I can avoid it.


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Your question is a little unclear.

If the child script sends its output to stdout, then I don't see what you want to change.

Do you want to save the output from the child?  If so, do

/../../../current/bin/report/report_runner.sh -e prod-like -r reviewCount 20101011 | tee /tmp/somelog

james_j_hedgesAuthor Commented:
The child script writes text out to the terminal when it is running. When I try and trigger it from a parent script, the text does not get written out to the terminal. Is there any way of still wrapping the child script but still viewing the text in the terminal as it is generated?
If all you are doing in the parent script is calling report_runner.sh and it's not outputing anything, then there must be something specific in report_runner.sh that does that.

It's really hard to know without seeing the report_runner.sh script.
james_j_hedgesAuthor Commented:
I managed to sort out the issue. I think there was perhaps something else wrong with the way I was calling the child script which prevented the output from displaying in stdout.

The parent script, 'report_runner_auto.sh' looks like this:

../bin/report/report_runner_auto.sh -e prod-like -r review

cd `dirname $0`

appOptions="${@} $(date -d "yesterday" +%Y%m%d)"
report_runner.sh ${appOptions} 2>&1

Report_runner.sh is now being triggered correctly and output is being returned to stdout.

Thanks for your help.

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