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This question is mainly to independent IT consultants but open to everyone.

I'm looking into using spiceworks to remotely monitor and manage my clients networks and I was also looking into scom. what software do you use to provide this service to your customers and how do you work out what to charge for the service?
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BillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If cost is a concern you might try Nagios.  It's free / open source and has a huge installed base of users.
Have used What's Up Gold in the past.
Also used some open source products
Dougj182Author Commented:
thank you for your reply but wow, what's up gold is expensive. Any other suggestions out there?
BillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a review of open source monitoring products including Nagios.  With open source you can build your own environment leveraging other products like Wireshark, SNORT, etc.

Solar Winds has some excellent products and lots of education.  Some of their tools are free.  IT people tend to love Solar Winds' products.

Opmanager and GFI have matured management products as well.
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