Map one port to a different port on SonicWall TZ-210

Is it possible to map TCP port 9999 to 3389 in my SonicWall TZ-210?

If I remember correctly my previous studies in this revealed that there are four different types of firewalls and SonicWall is one of the types that doesn't allow you to map a port to a different port. I don't remember what those four types are now. Can anyone help me out?
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getzjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your nat rules you would create a custom service for port 9999 and have that as the original and your translated service would be RDP or 3389.  
Yes, you can do this.. .at least I know you can with Sonicwall Enhanced OS.
HKComputerAuthor Commented:
Any explanation how?
HKComputerAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I guess I posted my Q too soon. :)
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program.  See my comment at the end of the question for more details.
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