Update Active Directory from SQL Server

Hi Experts,

I am wanting to update Active Directory from SQL server 2005, I think i might be able to do it through a Linked Server but i cannot find information on how to do this. Essentially i want to be able to update ipPhone from a result set in SQL server. some syntax or a relevent link for updating Active Directory would be much appreciated.

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jwillekeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pwoershell may work but I am an LDAP guy.

I would recommend get an LDAP browser and look at your AD.
You will be able to see which attributes you would need without the MMC naming clutter.

I use Apache Studio (Free) but you might want to look at "Active Directory Explorer or Softerra's products which are windows specific.

Using SQL against AD will probably be problematic as AFAIK, there is no direct SQL interface.
I have seen some third parties that translate SQL calls to LDAP but do not remember any of them off-hand.

Microsoft management use LDAP over-the-wire to communicate with AD.

Hope that helps.
If you can get your content from SQL, you could use a script/Batch file to use the command line tool:  LDIFDE to directly edit the AD user objects.

LDIFDE.exe will take a text file (like csv) as an input.  
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adammet04Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses however none of these have worked for me.

What i want is to know is the basic syntax to update a entry in Active Directory using LDAP (Eg phone number) from an entry in a database.
adammet04Author Commented:
Points now at 250..please help!
Syntax in what language?

AD is as you apparently know, LDAP and there are lots of different applications that have LDAP libraries.

We have some links here:

adammet04Author Commented:

As per OP i want to update active directory from (i guess) a SQL statement.
Eg: query out a bunch of users and their phone numbers and update Active Directory fields accordingly. Im guessing i might need to use an LDAP query to do this, but i am having trouble identifing what i need to do or even look at!
I guess powershell might also be a valid solution as well.?

Im hoping for some information or syntax on how to do it so i can work through how to get it happening
adammet04Author Commented:
Will have to use LDAP explorers and Powershell to do this. no easy way in SQL to get it done
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