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Exchange 2010
I want to setup a custom folder for all users in school (1500 mailboxes) and allow some admin staff to drop messages into that folder. We already use Public Folders but is there any way to get a folder of this sort amongst the main folders of Inbox\Sent etc etc, rather than hoping students click on 'Public Folders' to find this new folder (they wont!). The folder needs to be centrally managed with a single instance of the message rather than 1500 copies in everyones mailbox.

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PeteAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the 3rd link is excellent. Am I correct in reading:
"These folders will be visible in the Inbox in a special folder called “Managed Folders”.
Do Managed Folders have to be in a folder of that name? I can't see the difference between students navigating to this or "public folders" really.
Bhe these their view on the main screen where students they see all their folders.
In addition, you can apply policy to manage emails centrally so that you can move automatically from the Inbox to a managed folder.

In addition, the database is the same as the mailbox database, then if the recovery is easier to perform.

Let's say there are a number of advantages in using them.
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PeteAuthor Commented:
Can I globally add a folder (managed or public) to every users favorites in OWA?
PeteAuthor Commented:
Thanks, a little guidance on where that is in ESM maybe?
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