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jquery select all labels in form

hi there,

(i am using jquery-1.3.2.min.js and mvc)

I have several labels and textboxes in my page.  
50% of them have the word "Sdc" in the id  - i.e "SdcStartLabel" "SdcEndLabel" "SdcTextbox" etc etc

After the page has loaded, if a certain value is false - i want to disable all the labels and textboxes  that have "Sdc" in their id.

When i say disable - for the labels - i want to make the back ground grey - and put "N\A" and for the text inputs - to actually disable them.

Is this possible to do in one statement - rather than explicitly call every label and text box.

If so could someone show me how.


Once the
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1 Solution

var trlist = $('tbl_registration').getElementsByTagName('label');
            var arrTr = $A(trlist).findAll(function (node){return node.id.match("^Sdc")});
                  node.style.display = action ;

u can change label and $('tbl_registration') to ur requirement

where action = block or none .
which would do show and hide

u can even pass these parameter thru ur function so that only one function can be used to both label and ur textbox or checkbox and anything else
Justin MathewsCommented:
Try this (replace variable cond with your condition):
.disable { 
border:1px solid green;
<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js"></script>

var cond = false; //your conditon

$(document).ready(function () {
 if (!cond)
	$('*[id^=Sdc]').each(function (){
		if ($(this).attr("tagname")=="LABEL")
			$(this).attr("className", "disable");
		if ($(this).attr("tagname")=="INPUT")
			$(this).attr("disabled", true);


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MrKevorkianAuthor Commented:
im going to go for this one, as it does the wildcarding which is what i hoping for

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