Insert an Image into CSV file

I want to write a Java Program to insert an image into CSV file.

Image is stored locally. Any experts able to provide some sample code?
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You need to store the path to the image or base64 encode the binary form
rolandmyAuthor Commented:
As stated in the question, I need a sample code as reference.
What csv are you starting with?
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rolandmyAuthor Commented:
How do I insert an image into sample.csv?

Code is like below: os = new"C:\\work\\sample.csv")); pw = new, true);    
    String separator = ",";
    String [] content = new String [2];
    content[0]= "content 0"+separator+ (
        ("data 01 ")+separator+
        ("data 02 ")+separator+
        ("data 03 ")+separator+
        ("data 04 ")+separator+
        ("data 05 ")+separator
    content[1]= "content 1"+separator+ (
        ("rdata 01 ")+separator+
        ("rdata 02 ")+separator+
        ("rdata 03 ")+separator+
        ("rdata 04 ")+separator+
        ("rdata 05 ")+separator
    for(int i=0;i<content.length;i++){
     pw.println( content[i]);
I would strongly advise you to use available csv writers such as ostermiller or open csv

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Just open the file, read its content into byte[] array and output it into a "field" of your CSV between separators, taking care of all characters CSV might not like. This is best done by following CEHJ's advice above.
>>read its content into byte[] array

Ooh no. It needs to be base64-encoded if you want to embed it. csv files are text files
This article (see the 1st paragrpah in the CSV & Unicode section) suggests that any ASCII character can be used in CSV. The encoding will be needed only to transfer such a file.
Yes, but a byte[] will contain many unprintable characters, and, ahem ... the csv separator ;)
There is no requirement for the characters to be printable, it will do if the processing application knows how to handle the raw byte data.
If the fields are enclosed into double quotes, then the content can be anything, including commas, double quotes and new lines - that's where the 3rd party tools you recommended come handy.
>>There is no requirement for the characters to be printable

Yes, but why on earth would you want your csv file to be messed up, with line feeds and other  'garbage'?
I wouldn't even store an image in it !
No - nor would i - that's why i recommended storing a path to the image, but of course rolandmy might not want to be dependent on a particular file system
rolandmyAuthor Commented:
Abandoning this question, haven't found a 100% solution for this question yet. Will split points between Hegemon and CEHJ.
rolandmyAuthor Commented:
Not a 100% solution.
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