How to share Outlook calendar in a workgroup?

Can someone help: I need to share an Outlook calendar in a workgroup. -?
I need some simple, cheap and effective solution.
There is four users in total, there is a server (file), no Exchange, and each PC has XP and Outlook.

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MinoDCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
(shares all Outlook folders without Exchange)
(shares only the Outlook calendar without Exchange)
I have never done it but here is one that does just that... but there is some kind of price tag.

Also, maybe you could just get a Gmail account and share the calendar. That's the CHEAP route.

There are also some open source calendars - I recently looked at a couple, but I was needing a resource calendar - not just a plain calendar. Google for: Sourceforge IIS calendar. if you want to try that route. Most run on top of PHP.

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I left off one last thing. You could install Sharepoint Services (Free) and do a Calendar in it.
Needs SQL Express and IIS. Also Free.
Those proposed before, I believe are the best with good value for money.

Here is an updated list:
mrmutAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys! :-)


1. Sharepoint is (unfortunately) out, the server is FS and PS - windows XP
2. ShareCalendar seems great ( - some question below
3. OfficeCalendar is _way_ expensive at 500USD for 4 users.
4. And there is WorkgroupShare, which for 5 users cost 175$, which is acceptable.

Regarding ShareCalendar - does it work automatically under a workgroup? Meaning; someone makes a change in shared calendar, and in, say, 5 minutes all people can see that change, without doing any special action?
mrmutAuthor Commented:
Hello people, I've decided for:

Thanks all.
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