HP 2600n not printing black

Having a problem with an HP 2600n printer. The printer is almost four years old and was having a problem smearing colors. I was advised that it needed a new fuser, which I ordered and installed. Now the smear is gone, but black is printing very faint; I would guess it's maybe 5% of what it should be. All the other colors are strong. Any ideas?
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argh226Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I will sound like HP, but did you try with a new black cartridge?
Can you have the printer to auto-clean itself?
tptideAuthor Commented:
Don't have a new black cartridge, but black was printing fine (just smeared) before replacing the fuser. Have auto-cleaned and re-calibrated the colors also with no effect.
It does sound like the toner.  HP's include the charge roller inside the toner which is like static cling and if that is worn then you will get faded print for that color.  If all the other colors are fine then the ITB, which transfers the images to the paper, is fine.  Replacing the fuser shouldn't do anything to any certain color.  Do you notice if when you rub your finger across the page any toner comes off?  If not than the fuser is working fine.
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tptideAuthor Commented:
No, don't lose any toner when running a finger across the page. Is it possible that in moving the printer around and taking the cartridges in and out to put in the fuser that the black cartridge has just gone bad?
brisquetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that is possible.  If the toner isn't that used than maybe you can get a refund on it from the manufacturer or where you bought it from and say it's defective.  Hopefully you are not using refurbished toners :)
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