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How do I send Yahoo email folder contents to a flash drive?

I have Yahoo email.  I just learned how to transfer email to a
newly created Yahoo email folder.

But I do not see how to transfer the contents of that newly
created folder to a flash drive.  How does one do that?

Thank you.  Please feel free to move my question to any
appropriate zone.
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In Yahoo mail create a new folder on the left side. Move all emails you want to that folder, then right click and click move to on the drop down, choose where you want it.
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Hello and thanks for the reply.

I do see how to create new folders in Yahoo email.  All you do is press the Add button beside Folder.  I moved my selected emails to it already.

But when I right click on the selected email, I do not have a Move To option.  So I still do not know how to get my emails to a flash drive.  Please continue to help.  Thanks.
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Save the contents onto one email in attatchments. Save the draft, then hit "Download all attatchments". Find your flash drive in the browser window that pops up and hit save.

It saves as a zip folder, which doesn't actually need to be unzipped to access the contents.
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pop3 server: pop.(next.)
Thank you BillDL for the solution.  I was able to understand the difference between the two types of email accounts and in return, comprehend what cs97jjm3 was talking about.  I still don't really know what he meant by save the contents to attachments.  It must be as you said in that that is a function of the pay-for email service rather than the free email service that I have.

Anyhow, I was able to open the photos and hit Save Image As...and this saved the image to a folder (in this case I simply used the first folder that came up on the screen).  Once that was done, I was able to simply right click and select Send To... and sent them to my flash drive.

This is what I wanted to accomplish-thank you.

As to contacting and learning from Yahoo or Google....I have found that Yahoo will sometimes answer you and sometimes not.  But in any case, their response may take days.  I didn't have that kind of time this time.

As to Google, I never get a response from them.   Nor does anybody seem to know a way of separating Google from other accounts like YouTube which I would like to do.

But that is another subject.  Meanwhile, I am pleased with the solution and will award points to BillDL.  I am not sure how the awarding points works. Can someone take me through this?

One semi-related matter remains:  how to get a good quality photo to print out of the car damage without all the pixels showing which smear the details of the damage......
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Hi and thanks for the reply,

Thanks for the helpful explanation of compression.  I did not know that by doing compression that information would become irretrievable.  It makes me wonder what good is compression in the first place.

I looked at the size of the photos and they run from around 2.84KB - 4.43KB in size for about 18 photos.

As to the camera used, I can only say that I think it was a cell phone camera or some sort of digital camera of the like.  I'm sorry but I have yet to get involved in the newer (to me) technologies like cell phones and DVD's and the like.  I'll get there someday.

If you need, I can try and find out exactly what kind of camera it was.  I must also find out if they did not delete those photos.  I don't know how they sent them to me but all I know is that my sister said she had a time trying to get some of them to send to me.  I don't know if she will know what I am talking about if I tell her she needs to compress or zip the photos again before resending them to me.  I'm not entirely sure how to do what you suggest.

Thanks for the reply.  I will make these suggestions and see what happens.  Meanwhile, I don't suppose the current photos are recoverable as far as detail goes.

I still need someone to guide me about awarding points and closing out this thread.  Thanks again.
At 3-4K per photo, you have thumbnail-size pictures... there will never be enough information to look good in a (say) 4x6" print.   See if the photos can be copied directly off the camera to a computer, and then emailed from the computer -- it may get you enough info to print a decent 4x6 print.

Why do people use compression?   there are two kinds -- lossless (where you get the same information back that you started with) -- and lossy -- where you lose anything from an undetectable amount of information in a photo, to a considerable amount.    Lossy compression is used in photos and movies: anything with a jpeg or mpeg extension.   It's used because the tradeoff between a 'minor' loss of quality and the space for storage/time to transmit is usually worth it.    But lossy compression can also be done to extremes, and then it can be a problem.

I haven't submitted a question, but I did find this EE post that seems to explain the solution:
Hi and thanks again for the reply.  I feel that you have enlightened me about compression about which I didn't even know would be figuring in to this thread.  But I see that it is a vital part of what I was trying to do so I should award you some of the points.

A friend told me that I could take my photos and put them in Paint, for instance, and hit Save As and then select from the drop down menu a different file extension (such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap) and that this would increase the resolution of a photo.  I selected TIFF.

While this seemed to increase the resolution of the photo in the computer upon gazing at it (maybe-sometimes hard to tell), unfortunately this did not increase the resolution of a printout of that photo.  I guess this was because of compression having been doctored to the photo earlier.  Would that be right?
OK, I just posted that comment in the hopes of seeing the ACCEPT AND AWARD POINTS button after any of my comments but I don't see that button after any of my comments.

So I still need help figuring out how to award points and close.

I do see a SELECT THE ANSWERS THAT HELPED SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM button.  Could that be the way to close and award points?  I will try it if I don't hear anything from anyone.  Thanks again.
Can't  hurt to try the "select aanswers..." button.

I think the photos you have are too far compressed to be useful for what you have.  TIFF doesn't
regain lost information, but it has the advantage of not losing more data each time a photo is edited,
as jpeg does.

I don't ask questions too often, but just did a day ago and I think this was the way it went:

Do you see a link named "Accept Multiple Solutions" in each comment?
If so, click the link in the comment that you think helped you the most, and it will open up the question and all the comments so that you can select one of them as the "Best Answer".  There are 250 points to share for this question. As you select other comments it should automatically divide the points, but you can award more or less and it will re-calculate.

At the bottom you will see about 4 options to select that ask if the question was full, accurate, complete, atc, and have an A, B, or C grading.  My opinion is that a C Grade shouldn't ever be given, because if a question wasn't answered anywhere near completely then there is the option to rquest further attention or to have the points refunded.  A is Full, Complete, and well explained. B is a well answered question that maybe didn't absolutely cover everything, but definitely aimed you on a narrow track to the solution, with a little bit of discovery yourself.

Remember, you are selecting the COMMENT(S) that led you to a solution, not a particular expert. In some circumstances (not necessarily this question) a member may award a B Grade and accept one of his/her own feedback comments along with those from Experts if his/her own comment explains that he/she found part of the solution him/herself.

Hope this helps
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you both.  I keep a busy schedule and try to grab sleep in between.  

OK......I just clicked on the ACCEPT MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS button and saw what was there and it is inaccurate.  It starts by listing the comments and the commenter s name and everything looks OK but then switches my name and SelfGovern s name and comments.  In other words, my comments are under his name and vice versa..  BillDL s comments seem to be unaffected.

And there is no option to award points to SelfGovern-only to BillDL where there is a check mark box and a points box where the points will appear automatically.  But nothing but a check mark box for SelfGovern and myself.  I am more confused now.

I wish this closing process were more simpler.  Can someone look into this matter again for me?  Thanks.

Thanks for your help.  I was digging out my paperwork on how to do a print screen and post it to you and I found something about how to do a print screen and use the MS Paint program but I am not sure if I really know how to do what you want me to do.

I hate to continually ask for "how to's" but can you refresh me on how to make a screen shot and post it to you?  Thanks again.

I am running Vista Ultimate on a HP Pavilion dv9810us laptop if that helps.
There should be a key marked Fn. This activates the "function" keys.  You probably have the Insert Key that acts normally but becomes the PrintScr (or Prt Sc) key when you hold down the Fn key. That will capture the full screen to memory.

Open MS Paint, or any other image editing program you have on the laptop, and use the Edit menu > Paste.

File > Save As > and choose an image format.  JPG is probably the most universal and is smaller in file size than a BMP file, but either will do.  Browse normally to a folder and give the image file a name, then Save.

Windows Vista has a "snip" tool (Start Menu > Programs > Accessories) but I'm not sure about Windows 7. If you have it, you should have some options that allow you to capture areas of what you see on screen.

To attach a file here just click the "file" link below the comment box, click the "Add File" button, browse to the image file you saved, and it will be attached. You won't see it until you actually click the Submit button and the comment is posted.
Hello, folks.  I have been playing with the screen capture function as described by BillDL.  I would like to thank him once more as his comments seem to anticipate what my next thought will be and he goes ahead and answers that question too so I don't even have to ask!

I no longer see the post where I was supposed to submit my screen captures to a specially created area just for me where you could study the problem I am having.  So I will try BillDL's way and try submitting my screen captures here.

I think I see what the problem is.  When I click on ACCEPT MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS, I was telling you that the names are not associated with the proper owner's comments.  I think the reason for this is in the very first comment where it asks the question:

     Select the comments you want to award points to.

The problem starts with the first commenter's name being associated with that question. And from there the commenter's names are associated with the wrong comments as you go on down the page.

That is why I don't know if choosing the wrong name and comment will come out right.  I further see that there are no points to award "myself" as it should be.  But with my name being associated with the wrong comments, this creates an erroneous situation also.

I am now going to try and attach the screen captures. Please let me know what to do next.
If you refer back to this thread and compare comments on the closeout page, you will see that the comments don't agree with each others' names.  That's why I don't yet know how to proceed with this closeout of this thread.   Thanks.
Hi, again.

Has anyone looked into this problem yet?  It has been three days since I posted these screenshots and I was wondering if any solutions have come down yet?  Thanks.
Thanks, guys.
This thread presented me with many different questions that I would have otherwise asked about in their own right in other zones.  I have learned much here and would award points to things learned (in their own right as well) and hope to learn more when this situation is finally resolved.

But, I will only concentrate to the original question at hand and award points to only that part of this thread.  So with that in mind, let me choose:

BillDL            11/13/10   10:30 pm   ID: http:#a34129897   please award him 150 points

SelfGovern   11/14/10   04:34 pm   ID: http:#a34132945  please award him 100 points

That should wrap things up.  When can I know how this wraps up and what the engineers' solution will be?
It was a pleasure to help... I'm bemused at the irony of how it has taken longer to figure out how to close, than to answer all of the poster's other questions!
Starting the auto-close procedure on behalf of the question asker.

Community Support Moderator
Thank you Maverick and the Mods who helped.
Thanks guys once more.   You all have helped me immensely and I look forward to your continued help in the future.