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Good book on Windows Service on C#

Hi Experts, I am looking for a good book on Windows Service on C#.  Please try to help me if you can.  Thank you in advance.
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Hi jppinto, This is not the right book.  I am looking for a book on Windows Services, not the one you have suggested.  I looked thru the book and it starts with Program Architecture and Concurrency, Layers of Parallelism, Synchronization andTime etc.  But not a word on Programmin on Windows Services.  Thank you for your help though.
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You can take a look on this one:

Professional WCF 4: Windows Communication Foundation with .NET 4

You should check Windows Communication Foundation  and you have several books, like this, that you can buy.
Hi jpaulino, Thank you for your reply.  You have mentioned I need com WCF books.  But why do I need them when I am looking for Windows Services?  Thank you again for your help.
What version of .NET Framework are you using? Do you know what is WCF?

From the book description: "Windows Communication Foundation is the .NET technology that is used to build service-oriented applications, exchange messages in various communication scenarios, and run workflows. This guide enables developers to create state-of-the-art applications using this technology."

Unless you are using a older version of the .NET Framwork, you should use WCF instead of Windows Services.

Thank you for the explanation.  I have VS 2003, 2005 and 2008.  Honestly I don't know what WCF means, but from the name it suggests, it is used for developing Communication applications.   Surely, I will take a look at the book you have suggested.  

Thank you again for your help.
That is a nice book, but you can also check this additional resources (videos, articles, etc)

Check the "Creating Your First WCF Service" it will show you what you can do with it.
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Jorge Paulino
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Thank you jpaulino for your time and help.  The articles are very good and gives fair amount of idea how the Windows Service works.  The problem is the examples dont work when tried as some steps are missing or wrongly typed.  I really appricate your help.  Thank you again.