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How can i send an email certain days from now in C# (Win Forms). Say today is January 1 2010. Now i fix an appointment with doctor on January 10 2010. But i wish that a reminder email (regarding appointment) needs to be sent 3 days before (i.e. January 7 2010). I am having an email code with me.

My requirements: Visual Studio 2005, C# (vb would also do), WinForms (Windows based applications)

Please help me how to achieve this?

Let me know if anything from me is needed.
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create a table with following structure:


Now, get the data from this table using a query like:

SELECT * FROM tblEvents WHERE dateAdd(d, AlertBeforeDays, getDate()) >= EventDate AND IsEmailed = 0
This query will give you information of events for which you have to send an email.

Now send an email (you mentioned that you already have code to send email) and when the email is sent successfully, set the value of IsEmailed to 1.

Okay, now the problem is how this application will automatically send the alerts? You can simplay depend upon "Task Scheduler" in Windows. Create a task to execute every day or after every few hours. For XP, click Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Task.

If you want to write your own code, you can use System.Threading.Timer class or Timer control.
DateTime EmailDate = DateTime.Appointmentdate.AddDays(-3);
You can put this emaildate in your db and send a reminder on that date

Ali Syed
Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

You need  a database to store the appointments and reminder days and status of the reminder.

ReminderDate,  Status, AppointmentDate

Calculate the the date for the reminder from the AppointmentDate as described by AliSyed

Your application should run a aquery to once or twice a day fetch all records that have the ReminderDate equal to current date and status of not sent. Iterate through this records sending the emails one at a time and set the status to sent if successful.
If using SQL Server, you can set up sql server to do this for you.

you can use a function in c# such as
public bool SendEmail(string EmailFrom, string EmailTo, string EmailSubject, string EmailMessage, string EmailHost)
    MailMessage Msg = new MailMessageEmailFrom, EmailTo, EmailSubject, EmailMessage);
    SmtpClient Client = new SmtpClientEmailHost);
    Client.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

    return true;
  catch (Exception ex)
     return false
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