Outlook Express 5mb attachment limit

I have a co worker who is unable to send email attachments over 5mb from his outlook express. I was able to send the same attachment from his webmail on the same email account, so it seems to be an outlook issue.

I use gmail myself and have ZERO experience with outlook. What can I do to resolve this issue for him. I'm pretty sure his outlook account is just a POP account. No exchange server to modify on my end.

Thanks - Mike
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you talking about Outlook Express or Microsoft Office Outlook?

As far as I am aware, Outlook Express does not impose any limitations on the size of an email, an attachment, or the combined file size of both. There is, however, a timeout setting that may affect whether the server times out when sending or downloading a message, but this doesn't sound like the issue you are probably referring to.

Tools > Accounts > select account > Properties > "Advanced" tab.
"Specifies how long to wait for a response from the server before stopping an attempt to send or receive e-mail messages.  If you have a fast connection to your server, move the slider toward Short. If you have a slow connection or a busy server, move the slider toward Long to allow the server enough time to respond."

It is more likely that the ISP has imposed a restriction on the size of attachments, and that they have set different limits to POP email and Webmail.

Is there an error message during sending, or is the message bounced back with a message indicating that the attachment is too big, or does the message simply reach the recipient without the attachment?

Correction - I should have said SMTP email rather than POP email when referring to possible restrictions.
I'll confirm BillDL's comment. Outlook Express definitely does not limit size of attachments. The only times I've had size problems were when the attachment was beyond the ISP's maximum (typically 10 MB); I've sent attachments of 7-8 MB with no problems. I'm certain Outlook (which is a different product) is likewise willing to accept far larger, if not unlimited size, attachments.
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mmoore500Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies. It is Outlook Express. I had already tried the Timeout option. I turned it up to the maximum, which I believe is 5 minutes.

Here is the message I get after the send fails:

The message could not be sent because its size exceeded the server's limit. You can use the option, located in Tools | Accounts | Properties | Advanced, to break messages into smaller parts. Subject 'Fw: revised proof for the City of Iowa City', Account: 'mail.mydomain.com', Server: 'relay.mail.uu.net', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '552 5.2.3 Message exceeds maximum fixed size (5242880)', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 552, Error Number: 0x800CCC6D
ElrondCTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, your message says the problem is "the server's limit," which means your ISP. It's not OE's fault; any other email app is going to have the same issue. You can use the option described to break up the message into multiple pieces, or you can break up or reduce the attachment on your own, or you can use the webmail interface which apparently doesn't have the same size limit, or you can use a different email account.
Details about UU.net:
UUNET is an internal brand of Verizon Business, and http://www.uu.net/ redirects to http://www.verizonbusiness.com/solutions/wholesale/
It looks like the ISP routes its traffic through UUNET's servers, and you may find that there is a "step-up" package with the ISP to allow for larger attachments, or if it is a free account then a modest monthly fee might allow greater flexibility.
mmoore500Author Commented:
Guys, sorry for taking so long to respond. I usually only check the site when I receive an email that someone has submitted a response, but I'm not getting those emails.

Again thanks for your help. We have a dedicated T1 line and we pay a good amount. I'd be surprised if that is the issue, but I'm checking with Verizon.
Thank you Mike.
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