Sending an email on pressing a JButton


I was wondering if this is really easy to do.
On clicking a JButton, I want a blank email to be sent to a predefined email add.
Can some please give the code snippet to be inserted in actionlistener to achieve this.

Actually I even want a textarea to write mail and email id, but if some one can just tell the easier version that is jst sending a mail .. I can take from there.

Thanks a lot !
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hipalAuthor Commented:
I am not sure about mail servers and stuff.

I do not know which one (or if one) I should use. All I want to do is to send a mail on pressing a JButton.

Please suggest which is the best and easy out ?
more than likely the comment you accepted will not work (not sure why you accepted it), try the code I posted
You just need a Google account to use the code i linked to
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