RPC Server not avaiable

I loaded hyena v8.1 to pull reports, but I keep getting RPC server not available. I have checked my services and the correct ones seems to be working. Any clues as why? I am logged in the domain controller and trying to hit my local computer (windows 7).
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keyneticsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am on the same subnet as the serveer. Would the filewall come in to play than?  We are running an anti-virus software but I tried to go to a box that did not have it install and still could not reach it. DNS we have had some problems with that so I will put in the FQN and see it that helps.
Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RPC could indicate a network issue, any firewalls or possible port blockages.  A network trace can also help you here.


George KhairallahCommented:
Usually RPC errors are due to DNS configuration or firewall blocking some ports, or some services not running.
YOu said you're connecting to your Windows 7 machine, so I would make sure that your firewall is allowing whatever traffic is needed for Hyena. I would assume, File and Print Sharing perhaps. Also, make sure that the "Server" Service is enabled on both the server and the client.
George KhairallahCommented:
Glad you're on the right path to resolution.
keyneticsAuthor Commented:
put me on the right track. it was a rights issue. Once logged in as Domain Admin. worked good.
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