Application Recovery is greyed out in Windows server backup


One of client have windows 2008 SP2 in which he is using exchange 2007 Version: 08.01.0340.000.

The application backup in windows 2008 server backup is not working, the recovery option is greyed out.
I suppose the exchange is not registered with it. Can you sugest the solution to start application (exchange) backup.
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Shack-DaddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you running E2007 with SP2? From your version number, you are only on SP1 with Rollup 6. I don't think you won't have that Exchange app backup feature until you install SP2.

SBS 2008 had that feature prior to SP2, but non-SBS versions of Exchange 2007 had to wait till SP2 came out for that to work.
do u have exchange 2007 SP2?
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:
It is SP1
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Did you set up Local Continuous Replication? Backing up Exchange with WBAdmin while LCR is enabled will prevent the backups from working.
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:
Local Continuous Replication is not there
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:
I was looking for solution with SP1 but not found exact solution with SP1.
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