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redirecting web cam input to a JFrame

I am trying to redirect my web cam input to my JFrame.

I know this will be done some how using JMF, but not able to do that.

I will be so grateful if someone can give the code snippet for that or may be step by step procedure to attain the required.

Thanks !
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to access the camera you will need to use the AviCap or Direct X library in windows. Web Camera gives you an array of images, each image is known as "frame". By displaying multiple frames in a window at the right frequency will give you smooth video display
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That would depend on how your cam supplies its output. Frequently there is already a java interface of some kind. What cam is it?
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I am using IBM Thinkpad t400s inbuilt cam ..

and thanks for reply CEHJ
Are you using Windows?
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yes I am using Windows 7