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video cam for streaming

i have looked via google all night to find info on video cams to use with live stream. right now i use canon gl2s for streaming. that's fine in my house, but i'm traveling and need to stream informal music events, and i want a SMALL cam to do this. i bought a logitech hd webcam, but i don't think that's going to be good enough to stream a group of 4 musicians.

any recommendations on a decent cam or hd cam that i can use for video and also video streaming?? i'd prefer to do this via livestream on a mac. i'd like to get a fairly inexpensive cam and then get a macbook air and keep things VERY light!

thanks for your help!
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the best option for you would be to use any decent IP camera, this will eliminate the need for mac book air also..
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What is an ip camera and how would I use it with live stream and/or upstream. Thanks for the help!!!

Oh I seen what an ip cam is. But I'm afraid the video quality will not be good enough.
An ip camera takes care of all the streaming by itself, it just needs a network connection. it will be there are alot of good ip cameras out there.
Ok I'm checking them out. Imcouldmuse an ip cam with upstream? When i stream these events I have about forty or fifty people watching. I do want to stream through live stream or upstream.

Thanks again
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Sorry about the spelling above, damn iPad!  I meant I COULD USE AN IP CAM WITH USTREAM? If so how?
no idea, if they can be used with live stream or not
hmmm you might be, depending on the make/model of your ip camera
some of the cameras do provide driver wrappers that emulate an ip camera as a webcam.

all those web cams are good for close videoing and video calls. the logitech i have might work ok in the end. it's not horrible, but here i have a stage in my basement and the curtains are in the back and get really compressed. there's no detail. but with my canon gl2s they look great. so i'm thinking forget the webcams and find an inexpensive hd or vid cam, where i can do this. i just don't know what i'm supposed to look for in a consumer video cam that will allow me to do this. i want to get a decent consumer cam and a macbook air. as a last resort, i'd use the logitech and get a pc as the logitech i have does not work well with the mac. i have the logitech hd pro. any ideas for a consumer webcam that will stream?

i've read that the vid cam need passthrough video or something like that. you guys probably know what that is.
True, as you said Web cams are good for closeup only...

Hope following is good idea....not sure.
-> Professional CCTV Camera
     i) It can stream (works on IP)
     ii) It can record..etc.
     iii) High resolution Device.
     iv) Zoom control and angle via Computer

    I feel consulting CCTV professional we can gain what all we need to understand or possibilities as per your requirement.
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i'm glad you guys turn me onto the ip cams. i'm wondering about all that for my studio at home. mount the cams on the ceilings and use them for the live broadcasts.

for travel though, i found out that all the mini dv cams will work, as i think they all have fire wire. i remembered i had a cheap one and it worked, so i think i'm going to buy an hd mini dv cam and use that. they're small and will do the trick especially with a mac book air.

thanks for all your help!