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Crystal Reports for VS 2008 To 2010 Migration

Hello guys,
I have an application project written in VS 2008 and want to install 2010. I know that it doesn't come with CR with it and need to download them from the SAP page. The problem is I have some reports. Will they work with the new CR version and what to do in order to make them.
WHat will be the problems I will meet there? I knowe that CR for VS 2010 are still a beta. Will that be a problem.
The other thing that conserns me, is that I have installed the program ot several machines that are with the older CR, but when I write the new reports, will they work in there machines and will you tell me what do i need to install.
Pls give me a link the the crystal reports installation which I need to install to on my clients. Until now I was doing it in the Setup Project and I don't know what to install.
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As far as I understand it the full version of Crystal is to be released this month.

I would NOT recommend distributing a beta version of crystal with your app.

You should be able to test your reports with the beta and have a pretty good idea of any potential problems.  Reports designed with a new version of crystal may not work with an older version of the viewer, depends if the file format has changed / requirement of new functionality.
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I'm askig the opposit, if the older reports will work on the newer version. And will you give me a link for CR 2008 and 2010 but not for developers, but for distributing applications with crystal reports. Yes, i saw that it's coming this month, but maybe tere will be a delay. We start working with VS 2010 by the beggining of 2011 year.
Sorry - I'd thought you wanted new reports on an older version.
I've not tested in the beta of crystal 2010.  I expect to have to use it early-mid next year so I have deliberately waited for the final version and done other things in the meanwhile.

In my experience older reports do work in a newer version of the viewer.  However I have noticed they are slower in opening (typically 10-20%) - I suspect the viewer is converting the old report internally into the new format first.  I expect a similar behaviour.  Conversion is usually just a slog of opening the report in the IDE, then hitting the save button and confirming the prompt about saving in the new format.  

Distribution of 2010 version - again not something I have looked at yet, I don't even know if that info is available publically on the website.
So how do I distribute reports on a machine that doesn't have CR installed?
>>So how do I distribute reports on a machine that doesn't have CR installed?

Distribute the older version of crystal reports viewer as you already do.
Will you give me a link to it Pls. :)
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Yes, but only in a setup project of the application. I found a way to distribute a CR for VS 2010, but it looks ugly :).