Rip DVD for homevideo

In the summer I recoreded a few mini DVD's on my sony cam.

Now I want to edit them in in Premiere og Vegas. But i haven't come to there yet. :(

I need to get the content of the mini-DVD's into the computer, but i tried 3 different rippers, but there are the results of the:
- sound missing in SOME of the clips
- ripping all the chapters as ONE big file
- ripping in 4:3 even though it's recorded widescreen, so people look like martians with long heads.

Now, can anyone recommend a useful DVD ripper software, that also rips the sound, keeps the ascept ratio (widescreen) and splits the material into multiple files -one for each chapter.
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wamanmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Di you try Any Video Converter which you can download from...

Mandar Waman
Try Any Video Converter which you can download from...

Mandar Waman
Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate
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zquarerootAuthor Commented:

I tried this one, but the proportion are just horrible. It stretches peoples faces so that they look like martians.

I think it forces widescreen format into 4:3
Free software is sometimes free due to its limitatations.
But I think you are not tweaking your video settings correctly.
zquarerootAuthor Commented:
Same, it rips the entire DVD as ONE file and not in individual chapters, and again the output is 4:3 and not widescreen. And even worse, I only get a ONE very badly ripped frame, and can hear the sound, but no video. :(
Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your codecs:
The Codec Detective helps to determine the codecs installed on computer and check to see if any of the codecs are broken.

Update to a better codec pack:
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now if it's a simple DVD with Vobs ifo and bup files
You can copy out the main vob the largest  one and rename the extension to mpg  lets say we name it from VTS_01_1
to  holiday_one.mpg  Vobs are just another name for mpeg2.

Or convert the vob to mpg using Super Video converter

Your DVD rom should support the mini discs if you look at the slot there is a smaller ring within the larger, place your mini DVD in the DVD rom and copy the files out to the hard drive
That's stage one but I need to know what is the format on the mini DVD, a true DVD? Vobs ifo bup files inside a VIDEO_TS folder?

As far as I know mini DVD require to be finalised inside the camcorder before you can read and get access to the files
As far as I know there is also the option to unfinalise them once back in the cam corder.

If the mini DVD reads ok in your DVD rom then DVD shrink will rip them directly to the hard disc if that's the way you wish to go
(but need to set the output directory ) and you'll  just get another DVD on the hard drive..

We are not allowed to post URL to DVD shrink anylonger please google it, it's free
First make new folder named TEMP) in C:\ drive
Open DVD shrink
and open Disc at the top  point to your DVD rom, it will load and you'll see a green line
then click on Backup. that opens another panel>called backup>
Select Target device>put in ( hard disk Folder)
Select Target folder for DVD Output files
 put in> C:\ TEMP
Press OK
and wait takes a few minutes not long, once done the DVD will eject
Now look in C:\Temp you will have a true copy of the mini DVD in a VIDEO_TS format

Most DVD rippers rip to one file and some do support Wide Screen(16:9).

This software allows you to add chapters:
"Author your own discs
Start by choosing a menu template for your video. Blu-ray Disc and DVD authoring software PowerProducer offers a selection of finely designed templates for you to choose from. You can then add chapters to make navigation through your disc easier."

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