SQl SERVER Replication - The Process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on Server

I am implementing a Peer to Peer Transitional Replication on 2 SQL 2008 EE Servers.
I have followed the instructions as per this link :


I got no errors during configuration but when I view the Logs I get the recursive errors as in the screenshots attached.
Get the same error on both the server logs.
 Server 1 Server 2
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Norman MainaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
still getting the same errors?

Did you have a loom at this link?

And check if the sql credential you are using is the dbo on both servers.
Norman MainaCommented:
If you have seen my other post - its the same thing.
The problem is documented here:

Norman MainaCommented:
Have you ensured that your windows firewall is configured to allow DTC?
On both sides?
isaackhaziAuthor Commented:
I have turned of the Firewall on both machines.
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