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Create "Rules and Alerts" in Outlook 2007 using VBScript

I have Outlook 2007 and I'm trying to write a simple script that will create a new message rule automatically.  I have tried doing this for hours with Powershell and I am striking out due to an apparent bug.

Anyway, it's not really important what language this is written in.  Wanted to see if any of you have written this in VBScript or help point me in the right direction.

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Hi, Jamie.

Does the rule need to do something specific, or do you just want to see how to create rule this way?
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The rule would take a message sent to user X and move the message to folder Y.
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Thank you so much.
I am trying to get this to work on a test folder, a sub-folder called aaa in my Inbox.

In line 20, I changed this to:
    Set .Folder = OpenOutlookFolder("Inbox\aaa")

and I get the following error:
C:\Scripts\CreateRule.vbs(20, 5) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Type mismatch: 'OpenOutlookFolder'

Any ideas what this is?  I have a terrible feeling this is the same type mismatch bug that I get when I'm trying to do this from Powershell.

The folder path is probably not valid.  A folder path in Outlook is essentially the same as a folder path in the file system.  The one difference being that Outlook folder paths do not include a drive letter.  The path to a folder is a list of all the folders from the root to the target folder with each folder name separated from the preceding folder name by a backslash (i.e. \).  Consider the following folder structure:

Mailbox - Doe, John
    - Calendar
    - Inbox
    - Tasks
Personal Folders
    + Marketing
        + Proposals
        + Reviews
    + Projects
        + Project 1
        + Project 2

The path to "Inbox" is "Mailbox - Doe, John\Inbox".
The path to "Reviews" is "Personal Folders\Marketing\Reviews".
The path to "Project 1" is "Personal Folders\Projects\Project 1".
I tried:
Set .Folder = OpenOutlookFolder("Mailbox - SPAM\Inbox\aaa")
Set .Folder = OpenOutlookFolder("\\Mailbox - SPAM\Inbox\aaa")

Getting the same type mismatch error.  I've already created the folder, and the permissions are fine.

Any ideas?
Is the folder visible in Outlook's navigation pane (i.e. the folder list)?  Is this a folder in your mailbox?
Yes it's visible in the left pane.
It is a folder in the inbox.
Can you post a screenshot showing the folder structure?  It has to be a path issue.  I tested the code before posting and it worked perfectly.
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Set .Folder = olkSes.GetDefaultFolder(6).Folders("aaa")


Thanks so much!
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.
One more question if you don't mind:
This script worked perfectly when I ran it locally.  However when I go to run it remotely via the PSExec.exe utility, I get the following error on the line:
Set olkApp = GetObject(,"Outlook.Application")

It says:
C:\Scripts\CreateRule.vbs(4, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'GetObject'

I notice that the GetObject function takes 2 parameters and the first one is blank.  Is there something that should go in there (remote server name?) to make this work remotely?

When called with the syntax I've used GetObject retrieves the running instance of Outlook.  The first parameter can be a path to a file.  It is not a machine name.  Add the command

    On Error Resume Next

between lines 3 and 4.
Sorry to keep bothering you..
On Error Resume Next
makes the script run with no errors, however the rule never gets created.

When you say, the first parameter can be a path to a file, should I set up the GetObject line like:
Set olkApp = GetObject("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE","Outlook.Application")

Any ideas?
I doubt that'll make any difference, but there's no harm in trying.  
It didn't.

However, I found this link which seems to describe my problem.  I'll check it out and let you know if that fixes it.
I got it working.  I changed the line to:
Set olkApp = GetObject("","Outlook.Application")

I also ran some of the steps in the tutorial prior to this.  Not sure if that had anything to do with it working.

Here is the command line I used with PSExec to achieve this:
PsExec.exe \\SERVER -u "USERNAME" -p "PASSWORD" cscript C:\Scripts\CreateRule.vbs

Thanks for all your help!
Excellent.  Glad you got it working.  Thanks for sharing the fix.