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I have recently started contracting with a company who has given me an email address to use for client interaction that shows the company's domain.  I do not have access to their email server to access this account, instead they auto-forward the emails to my personal account.  I have downloaded my account into Outlook 2007 in order to use all of Outlooks functionalities and want to use this as my primary email and calendar program.  My problem/s are as follows:
- Getting email to sync fully to my iPhone. I was able to get it set up using yahoo mail since yahoo is the platform AT&T mail uses.  Now the issue is that it won't sync fully.  If I delete an email on my outlook it won't delete on my iPhone and vice versa.  Same problem with sending, if I send an email from the iPhone, it shows in the iPhones sent items for that account but doesn't sync to the sent items in Outlook!

- Calendar:  Is it possible to get my calendar to sync with the iPhone without having to connect to iTunes?  

Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

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nxnwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Getting email to sync fully to your iPhone.
The problem is at the computer end. For your mail to be in sync, you need to be using the IMAP protocol on both devices. Adding a Yahoo account on the iPhone sets up an IMAP email account. In order for the two devices to stay in sync, you need to set your ATT mail up as IMAP on Outlook as well. Unfortunately, last time I checked, not long ago, Yahoo did not support IMAP on any email client except for the iPhone, so you are using POP for your email in Outlook.
That being said, obviously Yahoo has IMAP servers - you are using them with your iPhone. Without getting into undue technical detail, various clever people have worked around the obstacles to accessing them. This software (which I have not tried or tested) purports to provide support for Yahoo IMAP in, among other things, Outlook:

2. Getting your calendar to sync.
Two ways (maybe more, but I know two):
- If you have access to an Exchange Server, both Outlook and iPhone will sync to them over the air;
- You can set up a Google Calendar account. Both will, likewise, sync to it over the air. Settings are here:
sara7272Author Commented:
Thank you nxnw and let me say upfront (incase you didnt already figure it out from my first post) I am learning but quite ignorant to computer related issues.  Now, moving on...I have downloaded this software and my account is loaded into Outlook.  The new problem is when it downloads, it sends it to a seperate inbox with its own sub folders.  I want it to be in the primary inbox but cannot seem to figure out how to get it there, is this possible?  I only have one email coming into Outlook so why doesnt it default into the primary inbox and the folders I have already set up?  Also, when I delete an email from the "sub" inbox, it just puts a line through it instead of moving it into the deleted items.  I am sure this is just a simple thing that I need to check or! Thank you!
I have not used the software (as noted above) and I do not use outlook, so my comments are, necessarily generic in that regard. The following should make things clearer, however.

IMAP is server-centric. Your real mailboxes in your IMAP account are on the mailserver. The folder structure you see on your clients ("Clients" = Outlook on your desktop, Mail on your iPhone, etc.) reflects the folders on the server. Any IMAP mail that is stored on your desktop or iPhone is a cache of the contents of the server based mail. IMAP mail stays "synchronized" among several devices because you are always looking at the contents of a single repository.

If you are in Mail on your iPhone and go back to mailboxes, you will see "inboxes" and "accounts". Ordinarily, you will be on "all inboxes" which shows you a unified inbox with all of your incoming mail. If you select Yahoo under the "accounts" section, you will see a bunch of mailboxes that will be similar to what you now have in Outlook, including: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Bulk. However, you can configure your iPhone Mail, in Settings, to store drafts, sent mail and deleted mail locally (on the phone) rather than on the server, if you prefer.

In Outlook, you can see that you have all of those mailboxes, plus an extra junk mailbox, that it has picked up from the server. I assume that there will be settings somewhere that will allow you to specify local folders for drafts, sent and deleted mail, if you do not want that mail on the server. You should also be able to delete any server folders that are not being used by any of your email Clients. You should also be able to add folders to the server, if you like.

The bottom line is that:
• you can get rid of every server mailbox other than the Inbox (at the expense of being able to see the same sent email, for instance, on every device), by configuring your clients to store sent mail, etc. locally;
• The IMAP inbox will not show up among your personal folders, because it isn't. It is on the IMAP server;
• There may be a setting in Outlook (I don't know) that allows you to show a unified inbox that will include your IMAP inbox, however.
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