How fast is Line Speed*: 3.0M/768K?

I'm getting a  DSL line for my new office. They don't have any other high speed options in the area and I'm concerned about the speed. They told me these specs,

Line Speed*: 3.0M/768K

Is this suitable for email and browsing the internet or will this be so slow I will be limited to what I can do.  My current connection is 10MBPs down and 20MBS up, is the 3.0M the same measure as MBPS? I need to be able to email PDFs   and remote into some of my server offsite. Am I okay with this new connection I'm getting?
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This would also depend on the speed where the destination machine is, however, I used to remote desktop when I first had 1Mb line and it was OK.... it will be slower than your used to if you were getting 10MB as that is about 80Mb.

If its' 3Mb then it should be fine for simple browsing and internet browsing.
Check the following link

It will be slower what that mean is that you will get 3MBPs down and 768KBPs up.  According to what you already have it will be significantly slower.
It is 3megabits per second down, and 768kilobits up.  That's significantly slower than your current connection (odd that your current connection has a higher uplink speed than downlink).  

As for how much bandwidth you need, if this is just for general web browsing and email for a single (or small number) of users, it's still acceptable.  
JPERKS1985Author Commented:
Will it be okay for using remote destop?
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