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Non-Wireless Certificate based Network Authentication

I am thinking about bringing this idea up to my manager. Currently there is nothing stopping a random user walking on to the campus and plugging into our private network. Opening and closing ports will be to time consuming since we have so many users. So I thought that the same concept for certificate based wireless will work for the LAN. But I am not sure were to start researching this and what type of issues will come up. Here are the questions that I need help with.

1. What system requirements are there to implement this type of infrastructure. Such as Radius server, etc...

2. When visitors come in, how will we push the certificate to them if they can't associate with the domain?

3. Will there be an issue doing this with Mac users or Linux/Unix?

4. What might be the biggest hurdle I might face implementing this?

5. Most importantly, where can I find more information on this, books, articles, anything?

Thank you for all your help.
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