HP Network Printer Driver corrupted?

I have one user whose 9050's printers will allow him to print (it's usually adobe) and then not print.  It will act like it's printing and then never show up on the network printer.  He can consistently print to other HP printers, and others can print to the 9050 printers, so it is not the printers.   When I go to Printers and Faxes (Win XP SP3) and try to open a queue for a 9050, it will give me this error:

Printer Network HP9050 B does ont exist on the computer. Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server. For more information, click Help.

When I googled this error, I found a technote to try this:

If the Print Spooler service is operational:

1. Open the Printers (Printers and Faxes on Windows XP) folder
2. delete all of the printers
3. click File, Server Properties
4. select the Drivers tab
5. for each entry:
1. select the entry
2. click Remove

It will not let me remove the 9050 PCL 6 driver.  I can delete the printers and reboot the user to let them drop (from a Windows server 2003 network) again, but that does not solve the issue.  I  have searched the registry and removed all instances of the default 9050 printer, but not all instances of the 10 networked 9050 printers.  This did not resolve it either.  I can log in as another user on this pc and still have the same issue, so it is not a corruption in the profile.  If I net stop spooler, it lets me do nothing.  Safe mode does not show the printers....any adivce?  Thanks so much!

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David_IngledewConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Confirm it is the fault of the workstation, and not the user - can the same user use other workstations fine?

Use the UPD only on the workstation and only that device, the spool file is fine and will be read by the 9050 driver on the server, other users not effected.

Do a completed wipe of all printers, updated drivers etc on that workstation, including registry entries for devices and printing ports before re-adding.

Check the disk and file structure on that workstation, reapply service pack.

Drastic, but re-image or rebuild the PC - we've seen situation on here which are unexplainable and a case of Windows being unhappy!
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
You'll have to login to that system with local admin privileges to do what you want.  Temporarilly add that user to the local admins group.
Can the affected PC print to one of the other 9050's?

You could try the HP Universal driver, or remove all registry traces of that driver.
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MJNotesUserAuthor Commented:
I believe I tried the local admins option by loging in with a specific user name, but I will check.  Thanks

And what is the HP Universal driver?  And when you say remove all traces of that driver in the registry, would I search for HP Laserjet 9050 PCL 6?  Thanks
MJNotesUserAuthor Commented:
David,  I could install this universal driver, but these are network printers and it would mean I would have to replace this driver on about 10 9050 printers firmwide and I don't really want to tinker with this since only 1 person is having this issue.  I am really just interested in removing the corrupted driver that is on this pc, so if you have any other thoughts, I would appreciate it.  Thanks though for the info on this universal driver - might use this in other areas.  
MJNotesUserAuthor Commented:
David,  sorry for the delay in replying.  With the Holidays, things just got busy.  Thanks for the information above.  I'm thinking that option # 3 is what I may end up doing, but I've been reluctant to go that route because I have a feeling that it's going to end up being option # 5, re-image the machine.  I appreciate all the input you gave and your time!

MJNotesUserAuthor Commented:
David confirmed what I was suspecting and I appreciate his willingness to let me know of any other options that I might be able to consider.  Thanks!
Glad to help. GL!
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