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Exchange 2010 DAG Site to Site Configuration

Hi I have a client who currently has 2 Windows Server 2008 Ent machines and we have setup a site to site VPN connection which works perfect, however they are currently only running exchange 2010 Std on the server in there main office the other server is just currently being used for DFS-R.
Basically what they want is a failover site as they are out on the road a lot so incase of the internet going down at the main site the passive copy would come online at the second site.

Now from what what I understand I would need either a witness server or another hub transport server in place so each server know whats going on?

Basically I need to know do I need the witness server at a 3rd site or is there a better way of doing this maybe not even using DAG's?

I look forward to your comments, thank you.

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