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3D Vector Math Equations

Should be a simple 500 points for the geometry geeks in here.  

I have a point located at a vector in 3D space.  (X,Y,Z)
I have a "direction" for that vector kept in degrees/radians another vector (A,B,C)
I have a second point located in the distance (D,E,F)

I need the formulas to do the following:

1.) What is the distance between XYZ & DEF?
2.) What is the find the "angle" between XYZ and DEF (and thus define ABC so that XYZ is facing DEF).
3.) What is the formula to "move" the point XYZ "forward" a set amount (N) based on it's current "direction" (ABC)?

These aren't for school.  I'm trying to do a simple 3D game, and sucked at Geometry 15 years ago.  More will no doubt follow.


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