setting component Z Order

I am trying to set ZorderComponent of a button..

I am doing something like this -- panel.setComponentZOrder(button, 0);

After adding this line .. no matter what components I add to panel they do not show up :(

and if I remove this line they do show  :(
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hipalConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I got the problem .. I was doing a blunder .. I thought that we can assign any Zorder as it is relative .

I mean I just have 2 components and I was trying to assign Zorder 10 to one of them :P

thanks though !
could be because the button is painting over all your other components.
can't tell exactly what the problem is without seeing your code
hipalAuthor Commented:
no it is not so .. i can see button is just in left corner
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is it a standard JButton, or a subclass?
And what is its size?

just because you see it top left doesn't mean its not painting to more of the panel
give another component in the panel a lower z order than it
hipalAuthor Commented:
I got the mistake I was doing  !
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