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URL Hopper Application


I have a list of about 100 web pages that I need to visit to be sure that they are all working right.  

I was hoping to find some kind of simple application where I could just paste in the 100 url addresses and then sit back and watch the screen as the url's loaded.  Then if I saw something wrong I could pause it, make notes and move on.

Does this type of application exist?


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in fact there are some API such as HtmlUnit that simulate web Browser,

Using them you can test these web sites,

Once the script( here in java) is written, you will give as input the url and the you could verify the different html element (buttons, forms,.....)
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
AM-DeadLink (detects dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks):


hadhazi1Author Commented:

I appreciate the dead link checker, but that will not work for my purposes.  I need to actually witness the web pages load.  Are you aware of any application that can do that?


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*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
Other Tools:
- BookmarkChecker
- Turbo Favorites Checker
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
Ignore ID: 34127140 i will search for you :-)
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
A silly question. Why you need to open the webpage?
In AM-DeadLink you will see the status ok, redirected ok or file not found.

Is this not enough?
hadhazi1Author Commented:
My boss has web pages developed frequently and he wants to be sure that they all look OK.  I can usually tell in just a few seconds but sometimes I need to read them a little longer.  So, one that scrolled every few seconds but then had a pause button would be nice....

It is not something that I need everyday, but when I do then it woul dmake my life easier.  I thought for sure there would be something out there like that already as it seems like it would be a fairly simple app to build....I just figured I was not searching the right key words to find it.

*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
Found some interesting things...

ByteShift SiteScan:

Check Broken Links on your website and get automated reports:

hadhazi1Author Commented:

I think SiteScan by Byteshift would have worked.  Unfortunately, everywhere I have downloaded it the file says that it is corrupted wheen I try to load it.  I have tried it on Vista and on Win7.  I do not have XP.

I think the reason sitescan would work is because it appears to take a snapshot of the web page url and lets you scroll through them offline.  But, I am not positive of this.

The other two appear to just check for broken links which is not what I need.  I need to be able to physically view the web pages that I feed it.

Thanks for all your help!
There are 3 things you would want to check to be thorough --

1.  when the site is done, run it through a validator to check for errors, usually the W3C one, but see --

2.  Next you would want to detect page load speed -- (ignore the first 2 and start at pingdom) --
This should be an ongoing test.
3.  Next you need to view it, as you explained, using a NORMAL browser that you/others would use.

So what you really need is a command-line browser loading where you can load the browser to a web page specified by a command line script.  This you CAN do in several browsers, but they don't advertise it.  You would have to check each one with a script --

C:\Program files\MOZILLA\Fireofx\firefox.exe -l"http://www.somesite.com"
the -l parameter is just a guess, you would have to test which parameter loads a specific page.

Knowing that, you just make up a CMD line script to load all the pages with a pause in between.
The problem with using a "hopper" application (I don't know if there are any) is that it will not render the page the SAME as the browser you or other people are using, so it will not be a baseline test.
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