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I bought a picture frame Kodak Pulse and would like to view some data generated by the PC on it. Unfortunately it does not support RSS Feeds. Pictures can be uploaded via www.kodakpulse.com.

This page uses https protocol. I would like to create a login sequence wizth c# to automatically login and upload some pictures.

Does anybody have a code sequence for something similar?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any interest in doing this with PHP?
rahulbagalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Our testing team use Watir & Ruby for programmatically browsing virtually any websites & application flow in browser. Developing this automation script is fairly simple.

You might want to consider using Watir & Ruby to automate your IE window a schedule a job for it.

Here is one link that gives quick idea about this technique. http://technology.ezinemark.com/test-automation-using-watir-and-power-of-watir-with-ruby-libraries-4f3047df0da.html 

I hope this helps.

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