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valid provisioning profile needed for iPhone dev? How do I renew?

I am an an apple developer.

Suddenly I get told my provisioning profile has expired. - on a working project - I cant run it on my device / iPhone now.

What must I do?
I hope I don't have to pay?
How often does this happen?
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Does a provisioning profile validate xcode for building any project  on a device or only one specified project?
I don't see a portal link on

is it a url?
You need to register yourself there first.

in a "Development Provisioning Profiles" rectangle

it lists my expired profile
There is an app ID.
Does that mean it will only work with one project?

I might work on 2+ different aspects of a project. On iPhone and maybe iPad 2.
Will one provisioning profile be good for all?
It's two new questions. The answer for the first one is yes. I do not know the answer on the second question. Bye.