How to copy/move users from one tree to another within same forest without affecting mailbox?

Hi all,

We recently created a new site within a forest for a new office. The forest is comprised of multiple trees each of which is a single domain. The users for our new site (A) will be receiving their email from an Exchange server in another site (B). The users were created earlier in site B so that their mailboxes could be set up. However we now find ourselves in a situation where we've got a site configured, site A, but the users for that site all reside on the AD server in site B.

Is there any way to copy/move our site A users to site A from B, without affecting their mailboxes in site B? We would like the users to have a local office login and not experience the lag of logging in to site B from their desktops. I should add that site A is using Windows 2008 R2 while site B is using Windows 2003 and Exchange 2007.

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AwinishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct me, if i'm wrong you have 4 domains but here we want to move one user with mailbox which is in domain to other domain, then you have to use ADMT or quest tool to migrate user from one domain to another.

Ou can't moved from one domain to another, you require to move users & all groups, since all the domain in same forest it is intra-forest migration.

Migrating All User Accounts

Checklist: Performing an Intraforest Migration
Hi there...

Please tell me whether the WIN2K8R2 Server at SiteA and WIN2K3 Server at SiteB are Domain Controllers? If yes are they Global Catalogs ?
EirejpAuthor Commented:
Hi, yes they are both domain controllers and both global catalogs.
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Okay then... I have one more clarification. Is the siteA is

1. Different Domain in Different Forest

2. Different Domain in Same Forest
Your question is not clear,you have several domain in same forest or different site in same domain.

When you say tree in forest it means domain that means site A is different domain & site B is different domain.

If they are different domain, are they in same forest or different forest?
Let your question be clear to give any solution.
EirejpAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not been clear.

Two domains within the same forest. (forest has a total of 4 domains) - No Exchange server
Server 2008 R2, GC - Exchange, One OU of users to be moved to site-a
Server 2003 R2, Exchnage 2007, GC

Ok. if it is a same forest, then use any domain controller, using forest root domain controller is appreciated. and open active directory users and computers,  expand your selection and right click on your domain and try to change domain controller, if you are able to manage from there, then it means that there is communication.

So open a command prompt with elevated privileges (Enterprise administrator) and type the following command repadmin /syncall

This will replicate DNS Entries and AD Objects.

Please let me know your feedback...
AwinishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will require trust,dns name resolution & proper security a/c to do that.

ADMT Guide, you can read & follow the instruction.
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