How to start Exchange Information Store and keep DB unmounted?

How to start  Exchange Information Store and keep DB unmounted?

I was reparing Exchange 2003 databases so I have disabled all Exchange services to make sur DB are unmounted. For X reason I need to reboot but now I need to repair with ISINTEG tool and ISINTEG need IS to be started. My prob if I started IS service all DB will try to remount. That is the reason of my question. Is there a way to start IS service and keep DB unmounted?<

Thank you.
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Shack-DaddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simple: temporarily rename the .edb file, so that even though IS starts, it won't be able to mount the database. Then once you are past the danger of it mounting, change the name back to what it should be.
Glen KnightCommented:
Once you start the services using Exchange System Manager, right click on the database and chose unmount.
rajkr2020Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You should have an option to set "do not mount at start up".. It should be in the properties of database.. Please check
jawad1481Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Open ESM --> Administrative Groups --> Servers --> Exchange Server --> First Storage Group --> mailbox store --> right click --? Properties --> Database Tab --> Second option "Do not mount store at start up".

If enable this and restart IS service the database will not mount.

SAM2009Author Commented:
Thanks for the tricks!
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