How to configure ADSL using Cisco 1841 and ASA5510


I have Cisco 1841 with two ethernet interfaces and WIC ADSL, and now is used for VPN and Internet (browsing).
Also, I have ASA5510 (5.0) with three ethernet interfaces which is used for  the same VPN and Internet mentioned above. All the interfaces are being used, (inside, users, outside)
I'd like to the VPN to be in a dedicated ADSL and another ADSL for Internet (browsing). What's the easiest way to achieve this task.

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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:
is is easy you need policy routing
ykb007Author Commented:
So I need policy routing in cisco 1841, what about the ASA 5510, what goes there.
ykb007Author Commented:
There was not enough details or examples.
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