My Java application hang - how to investigate reasons of that?

Posted on 2010-11-14
Last Modified: 2012-05-10

I have written some Java application (on PC), packaged it to JAR and started. But after some time it hang. According to a log files I can see that sometimes it happens after ArrayOutOfBounds exception.

My question is - what the usual/recommended ways to investigate and solve such issues?
I mean - what the usual/recommended Java debugging practices?

Is it possible to attach Java process with debugger and check stack, treads, variables and so on?

Run a debug session from Eclipse is not working in my case because my Java application has a specific model which (seems) could not be debugged from Eclipse.
So, yes, I'm writing code in Eclipse but cannot use it as debugger because some things do not work under the Eclipse debugger.
That is why I need something alike to attaching a running Java process with Java debugger and investigate it.
Is it possible at all? What tools/approaches could you could recommend?

Question by:Dmitry_Bond
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I have  few suggestions and some questions.  When you say that you cannot use the Eclipse debugger do you mean than you cannot even run it from Eclipse.  To do this you can just right click on the code that contains your main function and click run as.  Then it will run directly from Eclipse you can view the output in the output window.  It will pop up if there is an exception.  The exception will then tell you which line of code it comes form and may even be a clickable link to take you straight there.
If you cannot run it in Eclipse exactly how are you running this.  Are you running this from a command line?  If not open up a command prompt, go to Start and then Run and type cmd.exe.  This will give you the commandline.  using cd navigate to the directory where your executable jar is and type java -jar <name executable jar>.  When you get your exception is should give you a stack trace that tells you where the error is occuring.
Otherwise you might want to look in to a profiler: or
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>>According to a log files I can see that sometimes it happens after ArrayOutOfBounds exception.

That's strange. Normally that would terminate things, not hang them

>>That is why I need something alike to attaching a running Java process with Java debugger

If you can't debug it in Eclipse, you can't debug it in anything. It's possible that some of the binaries have no debug info, in which case they'll need to be recompiled.

Can you post a zip of the source?
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Also, please attach the log file if you can
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Expert Comment

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take a thread dump to determine why it has hung

Author Comment

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> take a thread dump to determine why it has hung

Please provide some details how to do it?
Reference to tools and so on.
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try to use the jvisualvm, it is on %JAVA_HOME%/bin folder

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I cannot estimate answers because I was moved to another urgent project (non-java). So, the only thing I can do - close the question. Sorry.

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