Network Load Balancing

Hi guys, I need to setup network load balancing between 2 servers which from what I understand is not overly complicated but I've been asked to set it up with "persistent sessions". How do you do this?

Also, I've heard the term "sticky sessions", is this different to persistent sessions?
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This rule has been manually configured; default would be a port range from 0 to 65535 and "Single" affinity.
Anyway, change the affinity in this port rule to "Single", and a single client's http traffic will always end up on the same server. "None" means one request from a client can end up on one node, the next on another.
what services are the servers offering? http?
amaru96Author Commented:
Yes, it will be load balancing an internal web application. But this app requires "persistent sessions" to work properly.
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Assuming that with "sticky sessions" you mean that a client should always connect to the same web server, that's enabled by default when setting up NLB.
It's configured in the cluster properties in "Port rules". The default is to load balance all ports to multiple servers, with a "Single" affinity. "Single" affinity means that a single computer will always end up on the same server (if the server is available).

With the CISCO ACE4710 load balancer, http coookie stickiness configuration would take care of your problems. It is same thing as persistent sessions.  Cisco ACE actually goes a little further to give you the cookie insert optin whereby the ACE would insert a cookie on behalf of a that isn't configured to set cookies.
amaru96Author Commented:
oBdA, when I look in the port rules I see the screen attached.

So in the affinity option, do I select "none" or "single"? What I want is the computer connecting to the cluster to be directed to a single server for the duration of it's session.

Also, "single host" is untagged by default. Not sure what this means.

amaru96Author Commented:
Thanks for the great info oBdA!
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