RemoteApp and SQL Server

hi guys

we are currently building an online solution that has a number of parts. It is built up of three parts that interact with each other. One part relies on the other to run else it fails.

Due to this we want to host those two parts at the client end with the third part running on a hosted Remote App server. (so it is accessible anywhere).

The server infrastructure of this program is SQL Server and it runs on an SQL Database. One of the items relies on that SQL Server so we belive it needs to be in the same network so that if the internet drops, the program does not shut down.

However the RemoteApp program also requires to access the SQL server to function but it does not function 24/7, only on demand.

The current idea is that when the client connects to the RemoteApp server a link is established. It appears that link works much like windows networking as if you enable all options such as ports and drives you can see the computer name in the hard disk list etc to save locally on the client.

Am i right in thinking that once this link is established that the RemoteApp server could access that clients SQL instance by either the following (as long as the user selects to open ports on the Remote App login page)



and if i am not right, is there any other way you can suggest to enable this to work?

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not quite sure I understand what you are trying to do, but you may want to look at transactional replication to keep SQL in sync between the disconnected sites.

You can use remote app like remote desktop, but it will only let that particular app run and it will only have access to the sql server on the box that the remote app is running on (unless the other sql server has a public address). Make sense?

(also note that remoteapp is a little quirky if you do any shelling out to other exe's within it.)
If you are speaking of a remote connection staying open, It does not exactly stay open. If you look up ODBC  connection on google. you can find out that SQL connectivity is kind of a logon, execute action, log off affair. However, ODBC is jsut one of several ways to connect.  The  SQL applications I have written, generally uses a "conenction string". in other words, the programmer writes a code that posesses the correct connection string, and presents that string for every query.
However, This subject can be involved, so we have to narrow the conversation.

When we start talking about OLEDB and ASP and the compnents of web programming , it is easy to get confused. In this context, the Virtual Directory can access the SQL instance in other ways. They you are taliking about Open connections-  you can alter those thresghholds like the following:   Let me know if you are successful. and happy programming!
auschocAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response but I think i may have mistyped what i mean. It is not a permanent connection to an SQL server

The best way to describe it is accessing an SQL Server over the internet without actually having a windows front end.

So the user opens an application through a remote hosted service such as remote app and that application has to talk to a SQL server back at the client.

The application is not a 24/7 application and would b eaccsesed most likely once a day. it is to allow remote maintainence of an SQL Server

the client side has two applications, the sql server and the application which relies on sql server. the server and that application must be at the client as if internet access goes down, they would lose money every minute until it was backup however we need remote maintanence.
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