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HDD RAID Monitoring

I'm looking for some solutions to remotely monitor/be notified of HDD health of all kinds. SMART info for IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS and RAID arrays and also the HDDs in the RAID arrays.

Most of the systems I want to monitor are HP ML350s with SAS RAID Arrays but I also have some ML310s with SATA RAID.

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I am a Dell shop so I cant step out to far to reccomend anything specific. However There are several free products which are available from my server vendor which is called Open Manage. The software is fantastic and it allows me to reconfigure arrays, monitor, and get emails if anything goes wrong. They also have a larger Enterprise application call Dell Management Console. I am thinking you could probably buy the HP Plugin and manage your servers with it. Have you contacted your hardware vendor?

The stuff is free. I dont know what I would so without it.


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you say this is free? It sounds perfect, how do I get a hold of it?
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Insight Manager's so good Dell produce a whitepaper on how to get it to monitor Dell servers!
I've looked at HP SIM and it seems like over kill to me. I don't need that much drill down and interrogation. I'm using spice works for that. I'd just like some simple reporting on the health of the HDDs and maybe on other system health reports.
You have already got it, its highly integrated, it understands your servers and your storage, what is there not to like! and it does everything that you want!

installing additional software will just mean extra management overhead and a potential risk to system stability
Spiceworks is SNMP based so should be able to do what Insight Namager does, you probably have to install the Proliant MIB (if you can find it) under spiceworks and set SNMP traps etc to point to your monitoring server.
Spice works cannot capture snmp traps. it can Get, Get-next etc but not receive traps. :-(