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RPC over HTTPS not working

I have a Server 2003 SP2 server running Exchange 2003 SP2. The server is the only DC as well.
RPC over HTTPS used to be working around 4 weeks ago. Now it isn't. The remote users simply have Outlook showing as disconnected.
OWA works fine without any certificate errors.
I have run through a checklist to make sure all the registry keys etc are correct.
I can access the https://mydomainname/rpc site and get the authentication box

I also cannot connect outlook using a VPN connection. I can ping the Server by name and IP address but the profile won't connect. I have tried creating a new profile and tried turning off Cached mode. Nothing seems to work.


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Try this  and report the results.   What firewall d you have?    What is your VPN endpoint?  
What version of Outlook are you using?  anything change there?
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We are using Outlook 2007, nothing has been changed. I am only using VPN to test. It is a Microsoft RRAS VPN. We are using a Sonicwall firewall. All the required ports are open.

When I ran that test everything passed except ping the RPC proxy.

"A Web exception occurred because an HTTP 401 - Unauthorized response was received from IIS6"

Refer this previously answered question:

Also Run Exchange 2003 Best Practice Analyzer tool and fix the errors reported.

Hope this helps,
I ran the BPA, nothing that seemed to be related came up.
The link to a question was not really resolved. Plus I don't have an SBS server.
What authentication methods do you have set on the RPC virtual Directory (should be Basic and Integrated Windows) and also what do you have set on the Exchange Virtual Directory (should also be Integrated and Basic)?
Authentication seems to be ok.
Looks like it is an MTU issue on the router.
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A dedicated VPN?  What kind of VPN did you have before?
The users had dial up VPNs.
What kind of VPN did you set your users up with then?
I configured a site to site vpn via a sonicwall.
I figured it out myself, seems to be working ok.
Had to make some changes to the network setup